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Businesses and Large Corporations that require a fully scalable IP Switch with large user capacity
It offers stability and security to the hotel sector through cutting-edge integration using VoIP (Voice over IP). In addition, it provides guests with better services and adapts to their mobility needs. Our integration is designed to change the underlying cost structure in your company achieved a sustained level of improvements.
IP-PBX in the Cloud, through which you can have your switch available at any time, forget to have a fixed place, your office is where you are.
Small and medium-sized businesses that require an easy-to-manage solution with high level of functionality and affordable prices.
Call center solution that adapts to your needs with real-time monitoring and automatic dialer

This solution is designed for hotels / Corporate / Business that need to provide this service, but do not require investment
A large amount of money, in this mode, can be interconnected with any existing PBX Legacy in any Voice Protocol and thus provide the service

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