Businesses and Large Corporations that require a fully scalable IP Switch with large user capacity.


IP-PBX for more than 100 users and with future growth.

Universal Connectivity

This type of switch can have any type of telephone line either analog, digital or IP.


The RM-IP-PBX offers IP telephony services and incorporates advanced management applications such as:

• Unlimited Extensions.

• Automatic Operator (IVR).

• Transfer, Recording and Monitoring of Calls.

• Meetings.

• Parking Calls.

• Detailed Call Log (CDR).

• Music on Hold (Music on Hold).

• Automated Call Distribution (ACD).

• Voice Mail.

• Directory Service.

• Call Center Inbound


Administration based on Web through users with which different responsibilities can be delegated to different departments.

VoIPMedia Phone

VoIP Media Phone, softphone via webrtc to use it from any device (Cellular Phone, PC, Tablet) Included in the platform.


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